Handcrafted Brown Artisan Bag, Fine...
Handcrafted Brown Artisan Bag, Fine...
Handcrafted Brown Artisan Bag, Fine...

Handcrafted Brown Artisan Bag, Fine Craftsmanship to Complete Your Attire

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Enhance your Celtic or medieval attire with this artisan-crafted brown bag, a key accessory for carrying your items discreetly and stylishly, complementing your Celtic or medieval women's outfits. Essential for any historical reenactment or LARP event, this bag merges functionality with ancestral charm. Perfect for your attire with a touch of authenticity.


Perfect your presence at period events with Yute Crea's brown bag, meticulously designed for enthusiasts of Celtic and medieval culture. This essential accessory, created by experienced artisans, not only securely holds your personal items but also adds a touch of history to your outfit. Its rustic, worn, and frayed appearance captures the essence of ancient times, while its sturdy construction guarantees modern durability.

Beyond being a practical element for carrying your personal effects, this bag perfectly complements a wide range of historical characters. From the garb of a medieval tavern keeper to the attire of a Celtic warrior, this bag fits various figures and roles, enriching each ensemble with its distinctive character. Integrate this accessory with other elements from our collection, such as meticulously handwoven Celtic capes, detailed fibulas, and authentic belts that enhance the historical richness of your attire.

Yute Crea's philosophy is based on sustainability and respect for the environment, using materials like antelina, an ethical alternative to leather that reinforces our commitment to the planet. Each bag is a symbol of our dedication to recycling and conscious fashion, reducing environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future.

We invite our customers to explore beyond the bag, discovering accessories that complete and elevate every aspect of their historical wardrobe. From garments that tell stories of a glorious past to outfits that are silent witnesses of history, Yute Crea offers a complete and coherent wardrobe for any historical reenactment or LARP enthusiast.

At Yute Crea, every piece can be customized to meet your specific desires and needs. With a deep knowledge of historical fashion and an unwavering dedication to customer service, we strive to ensure that every interaction is a promise of satisfaction and authenticity.

Choose Yute Crea for our unparalleled quality, efficient delivery, and personalized attention. We offer international shipping and exceptional post-sale service, ensuring that every customer, anywhere in the world, can experience the richness and depth of history with each product. Be inspired by Yute Crea and wear a legacy of craftsmanship and sustainability.

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