Medieval Heart Amulet, Metallic...
Medieval Heart Amulet, Metallic...
Medieval Heart Amulet, Metallic...
Medieval Heart Amulet, Metallic...

Medieval Heart Amulet, Metallic Necklace that Completes Your Medieval Costume

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Adorn your attire with Yute Crea's Floral Heart Metallic Pendant, ideal for women's medieval costumes. This Celtic pendant, with its intricate heart and flower, is the ultimate complement that adds a touch of distinction to any historical outfit.


Enhance your historical wardrobe with Yute Crea's Floral Heart Metallic Pendant, a masterpiece that captures the essence of ancestral times. Skillfully designed to be the perfect complement for women's medieval costumes, this Celtic pendant with its intricate heart and detailed flower at its center, is a symbol of craftsmanship and tradition. Each pendant is a central piece that draws the eye and complements the natural grace of its wearer.

This pendant does more than adorn; it serves as a bridge between history and the present, merging the robustness of metal with the delicacy of Celtic motifs. It's the ideal choice for characters like the medieval lady gracefully strolling through the banquet, the Celtic druid whispering ancient spells, or the Celtic witch whose wisdom is as deep as the roots of ancient trees.

At Yute Crea, each pendant is more than just an accessory for medieval costumes; it's a statement of sustainability and respect for the environment. We incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials into our designs, offering a second life to what was once discarded and thereby contributing to the sustainability of the textile world. Our processes are not just an act of conservation but also an art that celebrates the durability and beauty of materials weathered and frayed by time.

Yute Crea's collection extends beyond this pendant, including a wide range of accessories that enrich any medieval outfit. From earrings that resonate with the melancholy of the Middle Ages to bracelets that adorn with a touch of mystery, each piece is selected for its ability to transform an outfit into a visual narrative.

We invite you to dive into our catalog, where you can choose from cloaks that speak of past stories and other costumes that resurrect the nobility of forgotten times. And if you're looking for something unique, our special customization is designed to satisfy your most specific desires. We are specialists in dresses and accessories spanning from the Celtic to the medieval era, and our promise is to provide you with a personalized and unparalleled experience.

Choose Yute Crea for our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer service that accompanies you from the initial inquiry to post-purchase. With a guarantee on all our products, prompt deliveries, and a special customization option, we are here to ensure that every purchase is as memorable as the eras that inspire our designs. Find your perfect pendant today and carry a piece of history with you.

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