Medieval Bag with Floral Adornments:...

Medieval Bag with Floral Adornments: Handcrafted Accessory for Historical Attire

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Dive into history with this vibrant green period bag, the perfect companion for your Medieval or Roman attire. Handcrafted with expertise, this accessory not only adds a touch of color and authenticity to your outfit but also offers practicality for carrying your belongings. Ideal for medieval fairs, LARP events, or any thematic festivity, this bag with floral details enhances your Roman or medieval women's costume with incomparable historical charm. With Yute Crea, carry the essence of sustainability and commitment to traditional art.


Revive the essence of history with this green bag, ideal for women's medieval or Roman dresses. A handcrafted masterpiece from Yute Crea, essential for fans of Roman and medieval attire. Every detail, every thread interwoven in this bag, not only serves as an ornament but as a portal to past civilizations, offering an authentic experience at every historical reenactment or LARP gathering.

This medieval bag, with its emerald green hue and floral details, becomes the focus of attention at fairs and thematic markets. Its ability to harmonize with medieval tavern keeper costumes, Celtic lady dresses, or Roman tunics makes it a versatile and distinctive complement. Moreover, its functional design ensures that all your essentials are safe and accessible while you enjoy the splendor of the festivity.

Yute Crea's dedication to traditional craftsmanship is reflected in the selection of sustainable materials, demonstrating our commitment to ecological practices. Each bag is a unique piece, imbued with a rustic character that narrates stories of ancient times and battles. The intentionally designed worn and frayed look adds a depth of character that only time could forge, but with the resistance and care of modern manufacturing.

At Yute Crea, we understand that every customer is a storyteller of their own history. That's why we offer customization services so that your bag is not just an accessory, but an extension of your character. Whether you're looking for a bag for a medieval warrior outfit or a detail to enhance your Roman patrician attire, we're here to make your most detailed visions come true.

Explore our complete range, which includes everything from handwoven medieval capes to authentic accessories that complement and enhance the individuality of each outfit. With the promise of quality, authenticity, and customer service that goes beyond the initial purchase, Yute Crea is your destination for dressing with history.

Choose our bags to ensure a perfect combination of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Every purchase comes with Yute Crea's satisfaction guarantee, fast deliveries worldwide, and the possibility of special customization service. Connect with us to take the first step towards a glorious past that is lived with every detail we offer.

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