Handcrafted Green Celtic Bag: The...

Handcrafted Green Celtic Bag: The Perfect Accessory for Women's Medieval Attire

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Enhance your historical outfit with this medieval green bag, an essential feminine accessory for any reenactment event. Its handcrafted design and vibrant color make it the perfect piece to securely and stylishly hold your items while immersing yourself in the atmosphere of fairs and festivals. Featuring handwoven details that evoke Celtic tradition, this bag from Yute Crea is a tribute to sustainable fashion and timeless elegance.


Immersed in the rich palette of history, this emerald green-toned bag from Yute Crea is a masterful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality. Each bag, meticulously handmade, is not just an accessory but a contemporary relic that enhances any Celtic or medieval attire with a touch of elegance and authenticity. Designed for the woman who revels in the depth of historical festivals and the vitality of LARP events, this essential complement ensures your essentials are always at hand.

The bag, adorned with intricate patterns and a sturdy drawstring for secure closure, embodies the essence of sustainable fashion. Made with eco-friendly materials and worn finishes that tell stories of ancient times, each piece is unique, reflecting the individuality of its bearer and the uniqueness of their journey.

The Yute Crea collection, which includes this green bag, celebrates the richness of medieval and Celtic heritage, offering a range of products that complement and enrich any thematic wardrobe. From historically inspired dresses to authentic accessories like fibulas, headbands, and capes, each element is an invitation to explore and delve into an era where style and history intertwine.

Committed to excellence and attention to detail, at Yute Crea we offer the possibility to customize your bag to fit your needs perfectly. Our experience in period accessories and our deep knowledge of the past allow us to advise you and accompany you in selecting the ideal complement for your outfit.

Choose Yute Crea for a guarantee of quality, quick delivery, and a commitment to conscious and lasting fashion. With worldwide shipping and attentive post-sale service, we ensure that every customer feels part of the Yute Crea family. Discover this green bag and let us be the bridge to your next historical adventure. Because at Yute Crea, every thread weaves a story, and every product is a promise of authenticity and sustainability.

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