Brown Celtic Bag with Wooden...
Brown Celtic Bag with Wooden...

Brown Celtic Bag with Wooden Ornament: A Medieval Accessory for Medieval Fairs

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This handmade brown bag, embellished with a wooden ornament, is the essential accessory for women reviving the Celtic and medieval era. Perfect for stylishly carrying your belongings at markets, festivals, and historical reenactment events, this bag combines tradition with a distinctive touch of craftsmanship.


Immerse yourself in the world of historically inspired fashion with this elegant handcrafted brown bag from Yute Crea, meticulously designed for the modern woman passionate about the Celtic and medieval era. This accessory, with its captivating wooden ornament, not only becomes a focal point of your outfit but also offers uncompromised functionality, keeping your essentials safe and within reach.

The rich and deep texture of the fabric, combined with the natural warmth of the wooden ornament, invokes a connection to nature and the craftsmanship fundamental in Celtic and medieval cultures. Whether attending a banquet in a castle, strolling through an ancient market, or participating in a LARP battle, this bag ensures you do it with authenticity and grace.

Every bag at Yute Crea is an individual work of art, woven with the highest quality yarn and adorned with details that tell a story. We understand that each accessory you choose is an extension of your personality, and as such, we reflect our commitment to excellence through meticulous attention to detail and respect for sustainable manufacturing practices.

We invite you to explore our complete collection, which includes a variety of garments and accessories, all created to provide you with a complete and authentic experience. From meticulously crafted lady's dresses, tavern keeper outfits, women's Celtic dresses to handwoven medieval capes, Yute Crea is your destination for dressing with history.

Choose this brown velvet bag and live your passion for history with each accessory you select. With Yute Crea, you will enjoy exceptional service, guaranteed quality products, detailed customization, and worldwide shipping. Every step you take towards the past is woven with the quality and care of the present, ensuring that your shopping experience is as memorable as the eras that inspire our designs.

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