Celtic and Viking sheep horn
Celtic and Viking sheep horn
Celtic and Viking sheep horn

Celtic and Viking sheep horn

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Natural horn from our Yute crea collection. Desiogn for drinking with natural leather fastening handmade in aged brown color, the perfect companion for your Celtic, Viking or medieval craft costume.


Horns have always been used in many ways, as a drinking vessel, as ornamentation or to communicate between distant tribes, but among all peoples stands out the use of horns by Vikings and Celts, images that remain in our memory thanks to successful series such as "Vikings". Who does not imagine the giant Rollo, Viking leader, drinking from a huge horn or Ragnar, bloodthirsty warrior who razed everything in his path toasting for his victories.

In this case we offer you a small size model, a sheep horn, more comfortable to carry due to its lightness and volume. It is a horn with a wavy effect on its surface, characteristic of the animal, which makes it unique and unrepeatable, which is why we can say that no two horns are alike and this photo is an approximate reference of the Celtic horn or Viking horn that you will receive.

The fastening of this Celtic or Viking horn, also being able to accompany a medieval costume, is very simple and adjustable to virtually any size with matching cotton cord. It has a piece of genuine natural leather, just as a Celtic warrior or a Viking chief would do, and it is decorated with a handmade die-cutting in our Yute crea leather workshop. If you are looking for a specific design, or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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