Black Feather Earrings with Golden...
Black Feather Earrings with Golden...

Black Feather Earrings with Golden Ornaments: Celtic or Medieval Accessory for Fairs.

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Enhance your outfit with our Black Feather Earrings, adorned with golden details that capture the essence of femininity with a Celtic and Viking touch. Perfect for any woman looking to elevate her style with accessories inspired by the medieval era. These earrings not only complement Celtic dresses and medieval costumes at LARP and fairs, but also add a timeless elegance to your everyday wardrobe. Yute creates offers you this essential accessory for its versatility and ability to instantly transform your look.


Adorn your presence with our Black Feather Earrings with Golden Details, a masterpiece that captures ancestral elegance and adaptability to adorn the silhouette of any lady with a historical spirit. These earrings not only enhance natural beauty but also become the center of attention, whether worn with a Celtic woman's dress, a Roman outfit, or as the final touch of a medieval lady at a themed event.

Each earring is a piece of art, carefully woven with the legacy of powerful women in history. Its intricate design and striking aesthetics offer endless possibilities. This accessory is a testament to versatility and enduring style that complements your most cherished outfits.

At Yute creates, each thread tells a story, each feather has a provenance. We pride ourselves on our commitment to recycled and reclaimed materials, offering a new life to each element to contribute to a more sustainable textile future. By choosing our earrings, you join a conscious community of women who seek not only beauty in their adornments but also responsibility and ethics.

Our collection goes beyond earrings. Find capes that flow gracefully, tiaras that crown with majesty, and bags that tell stories of ancient markets and festivals. Each product in our store has been selected to offer you an immersive experience, taking you by the hand through eras of valor and elegance.

If your vision goes beyond what you see, our specialized team in historical costume is ready to personalize your experience. Whether you're looking for a unique piece for a specific recreation or an accessory that speaks to your unique personality, Yute creates is your ally. With a guarantee on all our products, fast deliveries, and customer service that accompanies you before and after your purchase, we are here to ensure that every choice you make is perfect.

Explore Yute creates and let each piece you select dress you with the history and character that define you. With each purchase, you not only acquire a product, but you also take away a piece of history, quality, and commitment. Connect with us, personalize your world, and dress your story with Yute creates.

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