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Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline -...
Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline -...
Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline -...
Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline -...

Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline - Touch of Nobility by Yute Crea

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Add a touch of distinction to your outfit with Yute Crea's natural rabbit capeline, perfect for completing a medieval look. Accented with a luxurious golden brooch, it's the ideal accessory for any period attire or for medieval fairs and events.


The Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline from Yute Crea is an accessory that captures the essence of historical costume with an elegance that transcends time. This refined accessory, with its soft texture and rich natural hues, is positioned as the ideal complement for medieval fashion enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of nobility and sophistication to their attire.

Crafted from the vision of expert artisans, this capeline serves not only as an elegant shelter against the cool evenings at medieval markets or grand banquet halls but also stands as a symbol of status and luxury. The golden brooch that adorns the garment is not merely decorative; it's a focal point that draws the eye and enhances the natural beauty of its wearer.

This capeline is perfect for complementing a simple-cut lady's dress or a more ornamented outfit, providing a perfect balance between fashion and functionality. The design, which allows for graceful and elegant wear, reflects a deep understanding of medieval fashion trends, updated for the modern woman.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the capeline, from the careful selection of fur to the precision of the golden brooch. Yute Crea understands that accessories are a crucial part of any historical outfit, so each piece is crafted with the highest dedication to ensure it stands out at historical reenactment events, theatrical performances, and thematic festivities.

Yute Crea offers this capeline as part of a curated collection that helps women express their love for history and their passion for fashion. With a combination of traditional materials and timeless designs, this capeline is an invitation to experience the richness of history in a personal and direct way.

Choose the Natural Rabbit Medieval Capeline by Yute Crea and transform any event into a memorable experience. It's the definitive choice for the woman who values historical accuracy and unparalleled style. With each use, the capeline becomes a living narrative, a piece that not only adorns but also tells a story—your story—enriching your connection with the glorious medieval past.

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