Dry Flower Headpiece Accessory, Crown...
Dry Flower Headpiece Accessory, Crown...

Dry Flower Headpiece Accessory, Crown for Roman and Medieval Fairs.

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Unveil your ancestral spirit with our Women's Headband featuring Natural Dry Flowers, the perfect head accessory for Roman fairs and medieval events. This handcrafted crown enhances any LARP attire, bringing a touch of nature and tradition to your style.


Dive into the legacy of ancient civilizations with our Natural Dry Flower Headband, exclusively crafted to enhance women's attire for festivals and historical reenactments. This artisanal crown, oozing elegance and tradition, is a symbol of everlasting nature, designed to elevate your LARP wardrobe and add a touch of authenticity to thematic fairs.

Each flower in our headband has been chosen for its enduring beauty, rooted in the majesty of medieval times and the grace of Celtic and Roman festivities. This hair accessory is not merely decorative; it is a piece steeped in history, a gateway to timelessness that frames your face with the sophistication of yesteryear's ladies.

At Yute Crea, we are dedicated to reviving the splendor of bygone eras through eco-conscious accessories. Our medieval crowns are a testament to this commitment, each woven with environmentally respectful practices, offering not just a fashion accessory but a gesture towards sustainability.

Explore our wide range of accessories, from earrings inspired by classical Rome to necklaces and bracelets that evoke the strength and character of Celtic warriors. Each piece is designed to accompany our medieval costumes and Roman period dresses, all available for customization. Find the perfect harmony between past and present in our collection, where every detail tells the story of its inspiration.

Our customer service, personalized and attentive, ensures that every step of your shopping experience is as memorable as the costumes you select.

Choose Yute Crea for our promise of quality and authenticity, for the speed of our services, and for the satisfaction guarantee we offer. With worldwide shipping and meticulous attention to every detail, we are here to ensure that each event becomes a rich historical experience. Visit our online store today and let every garment and accessory transport you to an era of splendor and timeless beauty.

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