Golden Roman brooch with small lion
Golden Roman brooch with small lion

Golden Roman brooch with small lion

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Roman brooch of 3.5cm diameter with a lion head in the centre, one of the most demanded Roman accessories for the historical recreation of ancient Rome that we make in our Yute crea workshops to wear with the Roman costume and to hold the Roman cloak or paendula or the toga of the Roman magistrates.


Aged metal Roman brooch with the shape of a lion's head used to hold capes, soldiers' tunics and togas of Roman magistrates, without forgetting the ladies of the empire, Roman women who adorned their clothes with all kinds of brooches and handmade fibulas, thus having a decorative as well as functional mission. This handmade brooch measures 5 cm in diameter, an optimal size to complete your historical attire inspired by ancient Rome.

The iconic image of Roman imperialism represented on the lion's head will adorn the shoulders or chest of your Roman costume to fasten capes and tunics quickly and efficiently. It is a piece of craftsmanship perfectly combinable for any model of Roman costume for men or women from a nobleman to the emperor Julius Caesar himself.

We specialize in Roman brooch crafts and brooches for Roman festivals such as the Arde Lucus, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers.  If you have any request or question do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why buy in Yute crea? Because all our products are guaranteed, fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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