Long Metallic Brooch for Medieval,...
Long Metallic Brooch for Medieval,...

Long Metallic Brooch for Medieval, Celtic, and Roman Costumesv

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Experience the essence of past eras with this intricately designed brooch, perfect for medieval and Renaissance fairs, as well as Celtic and Roman costumes. Its versatile and detailed style adds an authentic touch to any costume, perfect for complementing your tunics and cloaks.


Relive the grandeur of glorious eras with YuteCrea's Long Metallic Brooch, a jewel that captures the essence of historical festivities and is essential for any themed attire. This brooch, forged with intricate design reminiscent of valiant warriors and refined ancient clothing, is the perfect choice to add a touch of nobility to Roman tunics and medieval cloaks.

With the ability to fasten or adorn, each brooch brings with it a narrative of history, making it perfect for reenactment events, Renaissance fairs, and Celtic or Roman celebrations. The attention to detail in every spiral and curve invites admiration for the craftsmanship that, while inspired by the past, adapts to contemporary trends.

YuteCrea stands out for its commitment to sustainability, using recycled materials that contribute to a greener environment and reduce the impact on our planet. This brooch is no exception, offering both style and sustainability in a piece that feels both historical and environmentally conscious.

Our selection of accessories doesn't end with brooches. Find the perfect combination by exploring our collection, which includes Roman bracelets, Roman helmets, Roman belts, and Roman greaves to complete your costume. For Celtic fashion enthusiasts, we also offer Celtic wristbands, footwear, and tiaras that perfectly complement your attire.

At YuteCrea, every purchase is a step towards a more sustainable future. We take pride in offering guaranteed products and providing fast deliveries worldwide. Our pre-sales and after-sales service is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Choose YuteCrea and wear pieces that not only enhance your presence at any festival but also tell a story. With a YuteCrea brooch, you don't just wear an accessory; you carry a piece of history that resonates through the centuries, from the ancient streets of Rome to today's vibrant fairs.

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