Golden flowers crown
Golden flowers crown

Golden flowers crown

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Yute crea flower golden crown of great presence for a medieval character, a Celtic or Viking queen not forgetting fairs and fantasy events and LARP.


The design of leaves and flowers in antiqued golden rigid metal of this crown transports us to another era and another place far away in time. If we imagine a Celtic queen with this head accessory, immediately comes to mind Boudica, the warrior queen of the Iceni the Celtic tribes, or Aslaug, queen of the Vikings. Both peoples have a special communion with nature, they enjoy all that the earth gives them, so we believe this accessory with flowers for the head from Yute would be an ideal complement for these historical times, not forgetting live role-playing events that need a medieval princess or a court lady and of course Roman festivals such as the Arde Lucus.

A hair ornament that we offer you in Yute crea that emanates elegance and makes us fall in love with its composition of flowers and leaves in antique gold combined with stones. It is a rigid model, of great presence that at the same time does not forget the comfort, one of the pillars of our brand, together with the design and sustainability of our pieces.

We are specialists in Celtic crown, Viking accessory for the head, medieval tiara and Roman tiara, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers. If you have any request or question do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why buy in Yute crea? Because all our products are guaranteed, have fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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