Golden crown or tiara with ambar...
Golden crown or tiara with ambar...
Golden crown or tiara with ambar...

Golden crown or tiara with ambar crystal for period costumes

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Golden accessory for the forehead and hair with  a beautiful amber crystal, the perfect accessory for all the historical periods, medieval princesses, Roman goddesses and Celtic and fantasy ladies.


This crown or tiara of Yute crea radiates femininity and elegance wherever it goes, the color of the metal chosen for this handicraft accessory is a gold that stands out around the head and is presided over by a piece of intricate design with an amber central stone. We could not tell if this crown is medieval, Celtic or Roman, as it matches any of the handcrafted costumes from the Yute crea collections that we have proposed to you.The honey color of the central stone, the crystals that surround it and the golden metal allow this tiara or hair accessory to be worn by a Celtic high lady or a woman with her medieval knight in a gala evening reception.  This is a light, comfortable and elegant crown that fits perfectly with any of our costumes, no matter what era we are talking about.

We are specialists in medieval crown, handmade Celtic tiara and Roman head accessory, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers. If you have any request or question do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why buy in Yute crea? Because all our products have guarantee, fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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