Rustic Brown Medieval bodice
Rustic Brown Medieval bodice
Rustic Brown Medieval bodice
Rustic Brown Medieval bodice
Rustic Brown Medieval bodice

Rustic Brown Medieval bodice

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Immerse yourself in medieval authenticity with our Rustic Brown Medieval Bodice from Yute Crea. Flattering and versatile, ideal for historical parties, medieval weddings, and events. The basic cut and rustic front and back lacing accommodate all sizes. A must-have for tavern keepers or peasant characters!

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Dive into medieval authenticity with our Rustic Frayed Brown Medieval Bodice from Yute Crea. Expertly designed in our workshops with cotton material and flat jute eyelets, this historic garment enhances feminine beauty with its flattering and versatile cut and fits a wide range of sizes thanks to its front and back cotton cord adjustment.

The brown color, reminiscent of the earthy tones typical of the Medieval era, makes this bodice an essential staple for historical reenactment parties, medieval weddings, and fairs. Its versatility makes it perfect for embodying characters like tavern keepers or peasants, adding authenticity to any event.

The bodice is adjustable at the front with a rustic cord, allowing it to accommodate all sizes. This feature ensures comfort and versatility, as you can adjust it to your preferences.

This basic medieval corset is essential for any historical reenactment, medieval fair, or Renaissance event. Pair it with an elegant dress or a matching or contrasting skirt. Add an authentic touch with a genuine double-wrap leather belt. Its versatility caters to your character's needs, offering endless options for your medieval attire.

At Yute Crea, we not only offer exceptional products but also commit to sustainability by using recycled and reclaimed materials. We contribute to environmental care by giving new life to materials and being mindful of our impact on the textile world.

We understand the importance of medieval accessories. That's why we offer a carefully curated selection that includes natural feather earrings, historical brooches, medieval headbands, and crowns made of dried flowers. These details are essential to fully immerse yourself in the medieval experience at fairs and historical events.

The relevance of the women's corset or vest in a medieval outfit is crucial, as it adds that distinctive touch we all seek. At Yute Crea, we are specialists in women's medieval costumes and medieval corsets. We offer a unique experience and are committed to our customers.

Feel free to contact us for special medieval requests or customizations. Our dedication, effort, speed, and warranty are evident in every garment. Why buy from Yute Crea? Warranty, fast deliveries, special customization, and worldwide shipping. Discover the difference with Yute Crea: where history and fashion meet. Experience medieval now!

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