Black Roman armbands with silver lions
Black Roman armbands with silver lions
Black Roman armbands with silver lions
Black Roman armbands with silver lions

Black Roman armbands with silver lions

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Roman black leather bracers with metallic ornaments in silver color to accessorize your Roman soldier or arena gladiator character, a must-have accessory to wear at parties and historical events from Ancient Rome.



Pair of black leather armbands with aged effect due to the manual dyeing with which our products are treated in our Yute crea workshops, that is why there will be slight differences in terms of color and vintage finish of our handcrafted pieces.

These Roman armbands or bracers have a measure of 15cm high and a cord adjustment system which makes them can be worn in a fairly acceptable range of measures. They are a classic Roman accessory to wear a praetorian soldier to match his black Roman armor or a Roman slave trader as a symbol of power and wealth, in short, a pair of Roman leather armbands of high quality craftsmanship with one of the quintessential Roman symbols, the lion.

In Yute crea we are always looking for new designs of Roman leather so you have a variety to choose from, our craft workshops never rest looking for techniques to improve and offer you the best quality in our collection of Roman hide. We invite you to visit our Roman accessories section where you will find everything you need to dress up as a Roman soldier or gladiator, bracers with studs and ornamental motifs of lions and eagles, greaves for your legs to match, footwear, and of course, the handcrafted leather armor, a classic that can not miss in our collection.

We are specialists in Roman leather armbands for Roman soldier or legionary and gladiator bracers, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers. If you have any request or question do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why buy in Yute crea? Because all our products have guarantee, fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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