Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur...
Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur...
Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur...
Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur...
Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur...

Celtic or Viking cloak with vegan fur and sackcloth

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From Yute crea we offer you this work of our craftsmen, a cloak that can be worn with a Celtic costume as well as combined for a Viking character in fairs and fantasy events or LARP, in earth and gray tones that match perfectly with our costumes.Principio del formulario


This is a long cotton cloak in dark brown color with a great drape, which combines rustic-looking fabrics in gray on the front with frayed burlap in brown tone giving it a unique look. In our craft workshops these pieces take on the importance they deserve and are the result of hours of preparation of the materials, as well as the composition of the design, the placement is done manually, which is why this type of Celtic or Viking cape has variations with respect to the photos you see in the model.

Part of our work in Yute is to try to incorporate the sustainability of fabrics to our creations as far as possible, so we look for ways to harmonize colors and textures of recovered pieces, without forgetting our ultimate goal, to transport us to another time, to an ancient world where a Celtic peasant or a Viking druid immersed deep in the forest stroll through the rough paths and are protected from the dark of night with his cloak with fur.

 In Yute crea we love details, that's why we try to take care of them to the maximum, working in our designs with the worn and frayed ones that you can see in our Celtic cloaks and Viking costumes, works of craftsmanship that denote the passage of time and that bring realism to your historical, fantasy or LARP recreation.

We recommend you not to miss our suggestions to bring your Celtic or Viking costume to its best, adding leather accessories such as elaborate bracelets, belts with rivets or pendants with ancient symbolism, these complements that we strive to offer to our customers are what distinguish us and that is why we are proud to be part of your history in Celtic parties and Viking events.

We are experts in Celtic rustic cape and Viking cloak, we know what we sell and our commitment is maximum with our customers. If you have any request, query or special customization do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Why buy in Yute crea? Because all our products have warranty, fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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