Silver Celtic butterfly headband
Silver Celtic butterfly headband
Silver Celtic butterfly headband

Silver Celtic butterfly headband

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Celtic headband with a beautiful butterfly shaped centre piece in old silver tone and adorned with green leaves all around. Head accessory to complement your Celtic or forest dweller elf costume for your historical reenactment or LARP event.


At Yute we surround ourselves with the best craftsmen and this piece is a clear example of elegance and simplicity. In this design we evoke our mother nature with the symbol of the butterfly, an insect that symbolises the change and transformation of the soul in this world. Accompanying the undisputed central motif we have hand rolled green fabric leaves all around this Celtic headband.

This design from our crafting team could very well belong to a woodland elf or a Celtic princess. Its style blends beautifully with your dreamiest and most free-spirited LARP or live-role-playing character.

The size is universal and is easy to adjust thanks to the hemp cord at the back.

We are specialists in Celtic headbands and hair accessories for women, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers. If you have any requests or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Why buy at Yute crea? Because all our products are guaranteed, fast delivery, special customization and worldwide shipping.

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