Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume...
Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume...
Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume...
Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume...
Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume...

Medieval Costume Red Knight Costume the Brave

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Medieval knight costume in two colors with a shield in red tones handcrafted in our Yute crea workshops to attend fairs and events in good company.



Emblematic medieval character, the Red knight of the Middle Ages, the courageous warrior who protects his people and his king. This medieval costume from our artisan workshops Yute crea is made in a combination of rustic colors in maroon and cream, embellished in its central part by the coat of arms it represents, the red tones used symbolize the sacrifice of the knight and are crowned by a cross in gold that embodies the sword of the warrior.

This medieval knight costume includes a red and gold belt that is tied at the back. It is a comfortable and cool medieval tunic with short sleeves from our Yute crea workshops for parties and events all over the world.

But if you want to take your character to the next level in Yute we advise you to mix with your medieval costume leather accessories that will make your presence more realistic and spectacular, so these medieval armbands do not go unnoticed with their maroon cross to match the costume. One of the medieval symbols that we use the most in Yute crea for our craft designs is the cross, as it was one of the elements of the coats of arms most used along with the lion, the eagle or the fleur de lis, the cross represents the sword of the knight and therefore we could not but feel inspired by its strength and presence.

If you prefer the most complete set, we offer you the combination with a spectacular red cape that you will also find in the medieval cloaks section. Do not forget to visit our section of medieval costumes and medieval accessories where you will find many ideas that will inspire you on your trip to the Middle Ages, live the party with Yute crea!

This complete medieval knight costume for men designed by our Yute team is a piece of craftsmanship that can not miss in your medieval warrior costume, perfect for your historical reenactment event, fantasy or LARP.

We are specialists in men's medieval costume, we know what we sell and we are committed to our customers. If you have any request or query do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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